The Nicholas Timms Foundation (otherwise known as Team Nick) is an established foundation set up in memory of our little boy who passed away at the age of 21 months from a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. Our experience in losing our son brought unparalleled loss, but also ignited a strong desire to support children, like Nick diagnosed with cancer on a daily basis. We hope that one day children like Nicholas and families like ours will have more time and more options in fighting this terrible disease.

The core of the Foundation is to support children and their families through their cancer journey – our vision is to fundraise enough funds to build a safe and tranquil place for families to do this in a supported way.

Our direct experience with a young child going through cancer has taught us a number of things none more so than the importance of spending quality time with family. Upon completion, the Nicholas Timms Retreat will be fully donated to Challenge. Their reach and constant contact with families enduring childhood cancer will ensure those who need it the most have access to the facility and hopefully gain some respite from the daily regime of treatment, tests and lengthy hospital stays.

In death, Nick touched more people than some of us do in our entire lifetime and he continues to be an inspiration to all those who have shared in his story.

We invite you to join us on our journey to Support Kids with Cancer.

Belinda & Michael Timms
Team Nick Founders