Nicholas was diagnosed with cancer just after his first birthday – A stage 4 Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour (MRT) which began in his liver and metastasised to his lungs and pelvis.

Nicholas was a very sick boy and many children diagnosed at this stage fail to make their first round of chemotherapy. Initially however, he surpassed all our expectations including those of his doctors who, in September 2008 approached London based consultants for advice on potential next steps in an effort to beat the disease.

A short time after, Nicks tumour became immune to 5 different chemotherapy agents and grew back to its initial size at the time of diagnosis.

On November 21st 2008, we were told by his doctors that there was nothing more they could do for our son and just 2 weeks later, Nicholas passed away at home in his big red car bed with his mum and dad beside him.

Nicholas was a beautiful soul, a happy boy, always with a smile and always running through the corridors of the Oncology Ward at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne. He never complained not once and always said please and thank you even when having his daily finger pricks.

We miss Nick every day but his memory will stay with us forever.

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